Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Crop 2010

Well if you missed the May crop night you missed a party!  It was the first night upstairs in the new crop area and while I am not finished decorating the space it did not stop us from having a great time.  While looking at these photos I realized that Tiffani was the one taking the photos but she is not in any of them…. WE will fix that next time.

IMG_3375 Amy and Lynn

IMG_3377Delfina with me sitting in the center

IMG_3378Me and Amy

IMG_3381Me, Delfina and Kimberlee

IMG_3383Kimberlee is getting ready to do a ton of paper piercing!

IMG_3388Lynn had the idea of  putting card together after seeing an example in the catalog (page 13) These are the cards that Delfina did off of Lynn and the catalogs examples.  They both did the same type of card with 2 different sets of paper.  LOVED IT!

Tiffani and I finally fell into bed at 5 in the morning still feeling like we could scrap some more but fully knowing that the sun was about to come up and we needed some sleep.

On that note I can not wait for the next Crop Night on June 19, 2010! 

Will I see you there? 

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