Saturday, June 19, 2010

Look What “Paper Crafts” Started

Call me a late bloomer but 2009 / 2010 is the year that I really discovered that I like and I am getting better at card making. So in a quest for more information I ordered all of the CTMH card confidence books and I signed up for two magazines.  They are:  Card Maker (my favorite) & Paper Crafts. While CTMH is not represented in these magazines very often I felt they would open up my creative side just a little more.  

The first couple of issues of Paper Crafts had me frustrated because while they have very cute card ideas they were hard for me to scrap lift because   I could not get the dimensions and cuts correct and I felt like I was wasting good paper on designs that were out of my level of “know how” for lack of a better term. I even told Mike not to re-new my subscription because I just did not have the talent to do the artwork justice.  

So the new issue of Paper Crafts comes in the mail on Monday and I am browsing the issue before I clock in at work only to find myself making notes of what cards where sparking  my interest enough to try again. I guess my creative side wanted another crack to reach higher.  Want a peak?


Here is the little bitty card that started the whole ball of wax.  This is the best photo I could get of the card.  My camera just refused to take the shot any closer on any setting.


It was 3:45 pm when the inspiration hit me and I yelled at Kaela that we had to go to Sonic now!  I only had 15 minutes to get my drink before happy hour ended.  I knew that when I started I would not want to stop and I would need the big drink to keep me awake.  She was game as always and even jumped in the car without shoes just to get her fix too.  I guess I am not doing laundry today… oooops.


This is me tweaking and re-working with the products that I had on hand.  I think the paper pack is from about 3 years ago and the coffee stickers I bought even before I was a consultant (over 5 years ago)!


Here is an over view of all of the cards I made with stickers and a paper pack that is YEARS old.









This a a lot of cards for me, using just left over supplies and a 3 inch scallop punch. I added bitty sparkles and buttons to the final card when I thought it might need an extra punch.    The more I look at them the more I like them.

Crop Night is TONIGHT so I think I will find a couple more designs to work on while having fun with my girls.

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