Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tip Time and maybe a sneak peek

I have in my little hands the



Now as I was browsing the catalog with a cup of coffee in my hand I realized that I have about $500.00 worth of products that I want just for myself.  (ooops, do not tell Mike)

Amy taught me and I am sure she will not mind if I pass this tip on to you, that there is a way to get everything you want and stay within budget. 

You can hold a Home Gathering or keep a shopping journal.

Here is how the Shopping Journal works.

Buy a pretty journal


Then on the write the months on the next 4 pages, a page for April, a page for May ect.  As you are looking at your cattie and drooling (come on you know you do) write down your “needs” on the current months page and your “wants” on the following months pages.  That way you always have a list of products you want for each catalog period and you will stay in budget. For April I spent about $150.00 and I still have products on my Wish pages for the next 3 months.  SPELLING DOES NOT COUNT!





This method will also help when you are not sure if you have already ordered a certain product because you can just check your past lists to see if you have.  Does that make sense to you… or do I need to go get coffee?  Try it and see if it will work for you.

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