Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beginnings of a Crop Room

We are in the process of claiming the “game room” from Kaela and turning it into a “Crop Room” for my crop nights.  This is a very raw room no paint, still removing stuff from the walls and getting the broken book shelves removed.  But we are making progress!  I just got home from work and decided to lug 4 tables up the stairs alone and see to the layout of the room. 

For those of you who know CTMH colors we are going to paint this room Garden Green and Vineyard Berry.  I also want to incorporate a “Swap Corner”  for those supplies that need a new home.  I am still pondering the total make up of the room but here it is so far….



It is getting closer!!!!

If we start getting more than 6 ladies at a time I may have to add a “bring your own table” to the invite… :-)  Ahhhh to dream and wish!

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