Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Card Kits for Crop Night

Crop night always seems to sneak up on me… I know I am the one that plans the night but I get so caught up in getting the house ready and setting up the crop area that I forget to plan a project for myself to do.  Because of this I tend to drag all of my stuff downstairs or spend half the night running back upstairs to get something I forgot.  So for January I have a plan… I made myself card kits!  I put in a sappy movie and just starting putting the elements together.  The large cutting and stamping are done so on Crop Night I have the detail trimming, assembly, and embellishments to place and bingo you have a card.










I think I have 4 different kits in this box so that should keep me busy for the night. Each kit is in a quart size zip top baggie with notes and a sample card or photos of what I plan to create.   I will take my card kit box downstairs along with my scrap bag and will be all set and able to visit with my friends at the same time.    This plan worked out great when I was mass producing my birthday cards for this year.

Be very careful when stamping all of those images when getting your kits ready, I did have an ER visit because of “scrappers pinky”!  It is a very long story but in short, try not to stamp for hours at a time or you will pay for it later, in actual pain or just a pain in your wallet.

Note to self:  Take breaks when stamping, no matter how much fun you are having!

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