Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet my constant Scrap Room companion


This little guy is Radar.  He seems to think that I am not allowed to go into My Scrap Room without him.  Radar tends to lay down directly behind my chair so that when I roll around I run over him every time.  You would think the self respecting pug  would find a new place to sit and watch.  Well I say he is with me all of the time, I just looked behind me and he is gone!  Well it is very late so I guess he gave up and went to bed.  Every now and then the cat will join us but most nights it is just me and him.  Being the second in command Radar  also gets the first look at all of the contents of the CTMH boxes that get delivered when I have new supplies coming in.  Radar loves the smell of new paper when you open the bag for the first time. 

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