Monday, August 15, 2016

Computer CRASH!!!!

Yep it is dead!

We had a major storm on Friday with multiple electrical outages and it killed one of my hard drives on my Mac Desktop Pro.  I will be making an appointment with Apple as soon as Mike can go with me to the Apple store.  

Mike can replace the hard drive but he does not have the Apple OS that he needs to get it going and we just want to double check that it is the hard drive although it is acting like it did last time I had one die.  BTW why is it always my machine that dies? 

For those that are wondering ... YES this is my main computer that died that has all of my photos and CTMH business info on it.  I am not worried about loss of data because after this happened last time I signed up for Carbonite so all of BOTH my hard drives are backed up - I just have to wait a bit for the fix.  

Until then I will be working from my phone and my Mac Air so bear with me if things look a little weird.

I have been posting the photos of the heritage album on Facebook but did not get the photos blogged before the crash.  

You may have also heard that I now have a part time job again so things are a little busy around here again.  But Kaela is back at UNT for the year so life should slow down just a bit. 

Thank you for sticking with me for all of these years.  

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