Sunday, March 20, 2016

Memory Lane Retreat - Girls Weekend

What an exciting, relaxing and exhausting weekend!

I just came home from my weekend retreat with my best friend.  Well this is the 2nd Annual vacation / retreat that we have done.  Last year was our Seattle trip and this year we wanted to do a scrapbooking retreat weekend.

I hold crops monthly in my home and because I have a fantastic craft room and crop area I can "play" at home when ever I want to - but Amy and I have never been to a retreat before and really wanted to try it.

There is a little retreat house in the next town over that sounded perfect for our needs.  It is close enough to home incase we forget a vital item or have to go home for a family reason BUT it is also in the country so it feels like you  getting out of town for a few days.

I have already posted about how I prepped for the retreat and I will post the photos of the layouts this week.  If you follow me on FB then you have already been privy to some of the photos.   Today I want to show you the crop area that I played in for the last 4 days.

So Thursday was a nasty weather day!  I wanted to make it out McKinney around 10:00 but since the weather was being uncooperative  I left early and I am so glad I did.  No sooner did I finish unloading the car.... HAIL STORM!!!  

So this is an over view of the entire room once everyone was moved in.

Down this row -  
All of these supplies belong to a group of ladies that go on retreats together all of the time.  
They were a hoot.

This was the spot that Amy and I played in.

This is Amy....

I had one productive weekend!  This box is holding all of my completed pages.  

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