Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last Studio - J Pages

As many of you know - the last day that Studio J will be a part of CTMH is April 30, 2016.   The program is in need of a major software overhaul and it does not make financial sense to keep it going.  While I understand the business end for letting it go - my heart kinda hurts.

 I thought that I finished all of my SJ layouts when I finished Kaela's high school albums since I did not have time to work on another vacation album but I was able to squeeze out a few more layouts.

Last year I started an album that is dedicated to the Girls Trips that Amy and I have started taking together.  After a 20+ year friendship (sisterhood) even the best of friends run out of gifts to buy each other. So we came up with the Girls Weekends to travel and build memories.  This year was the 2nd Annual weekend and I was bummed that I would not be able to document it using the Studio - J format.  

I not only squeaked out the layout but a couple others too.  

There is a 4 layout minimum so I ordered two of the above layouts, one for the girls weekend album and one for the 2016 Family Album.

Then because I have such a horrible time coming up with "cover and back" pages to my albums I searched the photos that I have yet to make albums for and make the cover pages for those.  Now the hardest part (for me) is done and I will be able to just rock along making my pages for each album.

The photos seem random but combined with the pages inside each album the front and back cover will follow the story.   The 2015 page is already done and in the album that is in progress and I can not make a 2016 page yet because I do not know what the "highlight" photos will be. 

So with a heavy heart... these are my last Studio J pages.
Thank goodness we still have paper scrappin!

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