Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Glitter Is Flying

I have been informed by the child that I am making her Graduation Announcements.  I guess it is lucky for me that I saved a card four years ago that I found on Pinterest that I loved! I pinned it, printed it, and put it in a safe place so that I would not forget that it is the card I wanted to make. 

(Original Artwork from Pinterest)

Now it has been so long ago that I have no idea who the original artist is so if it is you - know that I love your design!

Kaela does not want her school colors used because she thinks it will look like a flag (red, white, blue) and she wants them to be simple elegance.  I think we can do that.

First step - getting Cricut Craft Room to work on my Mac.  We never did get it to work and had to use the windows side of my computer to run CCR.  Then we (Mike) found the measurements that worked for the card.  This is where retired cardstock comes in really handy.  

I am not putting the hat or "Happy Graduation" on the card, just the year so we wanted the number to be slightly bigger.  Done.

Second step - cutting the glitter paper at 2 in the morning.  I am still covered in glitter.  My original plan was to have several mats loaded and ready to go into the cricut for continuous cutting but even after seasoning the mats I only had one mat that was perfect for the job.  I lost an entire sheet of glitter paper because the mat was way too sticky and I could not get the paper off of the mat.  

So while waiting for the cricut I decided to finish laundry.  Um - Mike is going to be going on a business trip with glitter on his clothes (shhhhh) that is just one the hazards to being married to a crafty person. 

I am using the Colonial White card value pack so that is a huge help!  

Card Base - Colonial White  X1410 $14.95 (50 pack) need 2 packs
Mat - Black Cardstock 1386 $14.50 (24 sheets) used 16 sheets
Year- Light Silver Glitter Paper  Z1829 $5.95 (Black & Grey) 

There are two only sheets of the light silver glitter paper in the packs so I have been adding a pack to my personal monthly order since school started.  I love glitter so I have no problem having the extra dark grey and black sheets in my personal stash.  I need about 4 more sheets of the light silver to make 100 announcements.  I was thinking that they grey would work but I do not like it as much.  

I almost have all of the components to start assembly.  I need to print the insert cards and order one more pack of card bases.  Then I will pop in some of my favorite movies and play. 

Cost breakdown:

Balfour: 100 announcements

Official Graduation Announcements $100.00
Name Cards $25.00
Announcement Tissue Inserts $52.00
Postage for oversize envelopes $100.00 (2 stamps per card)

Hand Made: 100 Announcements

Card Base w/ envelopes $30.00 
Mat - Black Cardstock $9.60
Year- $36.00
Vellum "Tissue Inserts" $6.99
Postage: $50.00 (one stamp per card) 

Balfour is charging $1.00 a card just for the basic announcement.  I am able to make a card with the same information exactly how Kaela wants it for .75 a card.  I will take that savings!  

Balfour also wants to charge another $80.00 for "Party invitations" but I will be able to make those for under $10.00 to add inside the announcements. 

This is where I am also very happy I took the time over Christmas to update my address book because now I will not be scrambling for address.

Happy Crafting! 

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