Friday, February 20, 2015

All In A Days Work

Just before I died with the sinus infection and bronchitis I went to an all day crop in Denton and had the best time.  My upline was hosting a crop for her downlines and her customers just to come and play.  I grabbed by "family 2010" bucket and started making page kits to take with me.

I made page kits for the entire 2010 family album year, then packed up my standard cropping supplies along with all of my stitching supplies.  Yep I took all of my thread and all of my stitching templates.   

While I did not finish the whole year I did make a pretty good sized dent in the pile. 

The next 2 layouts are a design that my upline taught us YEARS ago and I had it sitting in my demo album.  I found it when I was updating my gear.  It made us laugh when I pulled out the finished layouts and just added my photos.  Then we sat there and tried to remember what paper pack this was.  We never did remember. 

Sorry for the glare on the photos.  I printed these in 2010 before I knew that matte finish looks better for blogging.  

Not bad for a day of fun.

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