Friday, October 10, 2014

It Feels Good To Play

Sometimes even a stay at home mom can be to busy to play.  Between business trips with Mike,  getting my mother ready for her month long stay in Florida with her sister and Kaela's trip to the ER last week I have been just a tad busy.  

Then you add in my trip to the doctor this week and the cast (now Air Cast) slowing me down and I just want to run away, close myself off in my scraproom and play.

I had a regular fiberglass cast placed on my left foot Wednesday and did not tolerate it well.  There was unexpected swelling and my foot likes to fight when it is not in it's natural position so there was no sleep for me that night.  It is common for Cerebral Palsy to cause muscle spasms inside the cast that can - if left alone break a cast.   I have been known to break almost every cast I have been placed in by muscle spasms or just plain getting around.   My foot and leg was working overtime to try and break the cast Wednesday night and it was not pleasant!  

So we were back in the office bright  and early yesterday and the cast was cut off and my air cast was put on.  What is an Air Cast?  

An Air Cast has chambers that you can pump air into to form the support that needed for healing.  You can remove the cast for bathing or sleeping but the downside is that it is not has form fitting as a cast so you have more "movement" which can cause discomfort inside the cast and it throws off the way you walk so your back and knee's really start to feel the difference.  

The part that works best for me is being able to take the cast off to soak in a hot bath to stop the muscle spasms and relax the leg.  I have had tendonitis so many times that I just keep my cast in good condition and re-use it when I have a flare up with that tendon.  The inside cushions come out for washing and I wear a special sock to keep it from getting stinky.  

Downside:  I have to slow down and elevate my foot during the day.  What could I be doing while I have my foot stuck up in the air?  


I have one more Boise layout that I need to show you.  CTMH Corporate designed this layout and each of us attended the Thriving 30 celebration was given a pack to put together.  I was talking during class with my girlfriends and did not get this super simple layout done while I was there so I finished it last night.

The only extra touches that I added were the black stitching, the rest of the layout is all CTMH magic.  The cards are from the Picture My Life For Always collection (Z2022  $24.95) I like that the layout showcases that the PML cards can be used for more than just pocket scrapbooking.

Here is the second layout from the genius brains in the corporate office. Those same PML cards are being used with a pop of Thistle cardstock for extra color.  Anytime I make a layout before I have the photos for it I always write the photo size on the mat so that I do not forget what I need in that well.  The notes are not seen once the photos are added.  

Once I completed that last little couple of layouts I moved over to some cards.  I was on pinterest Wednesday while I was not sleeping and found a sympathy card where the colors used here just perfect. 

Original card: 

Like I said, the colors were perfect but I wanted a thank you card so here is how I re-worked it.

Colors used:


Any stamps or sentiment can be used for this application, so let your imagination go wild. 

Now I have a fun, female thank you card.

Last night I was checking out my card stash and realized that I only had one sympathy card that was ready for sale.  Here is where some of my retired stock came in handy.

Colors used:

Blush (Retired)
Grey Flannel  (Retired) 
embossing folder 
Sympathy sentiment

Once the embossing was done the rest of the card came together in about 30 minutes to make 10 cards.  Not bad and I was able to use some retired product.  

What are you going to work on tomorrow night when we have our Crop Night?

Crop Night 
October 11, 2014 
1504 High Country Lane
Allen, Texas 75002
6 pm until the first person falls out of their chairs

Bring your own supplies to work on your own projects.

I hope to see you tomorrow night! 

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