Sunday, October 26, 2014

Erin Condren Life Planners

So Amy has finally worn me down and talked me into getting an Erin Condren Life Planner.

(I am not getting paid for this post and I paid for my own planner)

 When she was ordering her planner I was on the phone and we were on the webpage together and while it looked really pretty and very functional I was not sold.  

Mike worked very hard to get me to move over to using the Google calendar and it has been working well for years but last week I had repair people crawling all over my house and I thought I was getting all of the information they were telling me in my computer or phone (google calendar). 


I knew I had city inspectors coming to the house but when I went to check what time - there was no time.  With the noise of the installers and the inspector trying to get off the phone I missed a step in google and did not put the time in my calendar and I had no way to call him to find out when he was coming out.  I was stuck at the house ALL DAY!

The other problem that I ran into is not having the info in front of me when needed.  My phone was being flaky and I could not talk to someone and access my calendar at the same time.  That left me running into the house to find the computer.  It was driving me crazy!

So I did some more research on this Erin Condren Life Planner stuff and this time with an open mind. 


I love that I could customize it and make it work for my life and my business.  It is bigger than most planners and that can be a good thing or a bad thing but I carry a large purse so it should not be an issue for me.  

I do not have a proof of "my" cover but this is what it will look like.  

There is a great blog out there and she does a fantastic job explaining what is so great about this planner.  


So while I am waiting for my planner to be shipped in am doing "research" on ways to make it work for both home and a direct sales business.  I am lost in Pinterest land and there are some fantabulous ideas out there.  I even found a solution to track my workouts and measurements - SCORE!  Now I just need to be cleared to go back to Curves....  I also love that I can have items made for my business to use with this planner.
  (ie: crop night reminders, workshop reminders, team meeting stickers and such)
We will still use the Google calendar for big items that the family needs to know about so our phones stay linked.  (Mikes business trips or vacations and such) but I am going back to paper for my personal day to day stuff!  I did not realize how many little notes I have around the house to do things until I made the decision to go back to a paper planner.

I do another blog post as soon as my planner is in my little hands.

I am so excited!

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