Monday, April 7, 2014

What Fun

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Holy Covenant United Methodist Craft Fair in Carrollton, Texas.  This was the craft fair that I learned so much from when I first became a consultant and this year was no different.  Smile
I was in a classroom upstairs this year and at first I was a little worried that I would not have any traffic but boy did I!  My only regret is that by being upstairs most of the customers did not know I had handmade cards and bought from another vendor. 
This is the side table.  I had some retired cardstock color kits (cardstock, ink pad, re- inker, sponge dauber, and matching DMC thread), retired stamp sets, a couple of odd ball stamp pads.  I also had a stamping station for those who are not familiar with CTMH stamps and a card display rack. 
On this corner I have the catalogs that I wanted to pass out.  I took 30 to this show and all of them are GONE!  All of my cardstock kits are gone, the stamp pads are gone and almost half of the stamp sets are gone.
I sold 36 cards. 
So what did I learn?
  I needed more card display racks!  I had many more cards to sell but was unable to display them to be seen.  Also I can make the stamping station smaller.   I can line up 4 card racks on the side table and still have room for the how to books and a small stamping station when needed when I find a person that does not know about our stamps.  I ordered two more display racks today.
Also I needed more of the Large CTMH organizers.

Large Organizer

Item Number: Z1834    $22.95
I had so many cards that I needed a basket to carry the overflow and when that took a tumble in the car I was so worried I crushed them.  All where perfect despite the early morning spill in the car. 
I ordered to organizers today.  Smile 
I really hope that I get called back next year for this craft fair.

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