Friday, April 4, 2014

Home Again

What a wonderful week but as with any vacation I came home with mounds of work to do.  We found a fantastic Amish store right in the middle of Branson that we loved so much that we went back and I bought groceries.


Amish Country Store

I spent about $118.00 and thought it was a great deal but thought I bought a bunch of single service items - (insert blonde moment).  Today while I was putting every thing away I noticed it was more “bulk” items.

What I REALLY bought was:

**Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup  7 batches

**Potato Leek Soup  6 batches

**Cajun Rice and Beans  5 batches

**French Onion Soup  6 batches

**Hearty Soup  4 batches

**Slivered Almonds  8- 1/2  cup  baggies


pickled okra

pickled eggs (for my brother)

pickled cauliflower

1 large jar of vegetable soup base

various bags of Lentils to try

various spices

6 bags of pasta (mostly egg noodles)


Once I realized just what I bought  I proceed them into smaller batches.  The “great ‘deal became a real money saver.  All items with ** beside them are stored in the freezer for a longer shelf life.  


I was also able to finish getting my house back into order. I finished the laundry, put the suitcases away, and finished cleaning the kitchen.  Kaela forgot to run the dishwasher the entire time I was gone! 

On top of that I also double checked my gear for the craft fair tomorrow.


I am feeling like one productive girl.

Best of all… I killed a spider today all by myself! 

Starting Monday I will be able to get back to artwork and the card order I am working on.  Sunday will be a day for putting my craft fair gear away and rest.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Come and see me at the craft fair SATURDAY!

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