Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shipping Options

I am not sure about you but I have been having trouble with the “Economy” shipping that CTMH offers – it is the one that is $4.75.  I have personally had this problem the last couple of months that I have ordered this way and thought it was just me but when it effected another Allen customer I called the CTMH home office and this is what they told me:

CTMH sends out the package by Fed Ex and then Fed Ex delivers the package to your local Post Office.  The Local Post Office then delivers it to your house.

This is where the problem begins…

NOTE:  This is my experience only.

The Allen Post Office then takes up to a week to deliver the package to my house.  When I call to locate the package the Post Office tells me it is on the truck for delivery everyday. 

But I found a solution! 

This time when I placed my personal order I upgraded one level to Fed Ex Home Delivery (about $7.95).  I placed my order on Saturday (1st)  and it will be delivered to my house by Fed Ex on Friday (7th).

(Happy Dance)!!!  Smile

Now I am back to the fast shipping that I have become spoiled to with CTMH.  I can not tell you to upgrade your shipping but if you are having similar issues with getting your goodies in a timely fashion this might be a good option for you.

I think I am also spoiled to Amazon’s lighting fast shipping but that is just me!

Happy Crafting..

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