Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fast And Furious

In more ways than one……
It has been a very productive week.  I was able to get several layouts done for Kaela’s 9th grade album and a couple of cards made up for the vendor fair in April.  I have already posted the cards but wanted to post the layouts.
Here goes:
I like the general layout of these pages.  The Ribbon Title did not come out the way I had it in my head but the idea worked ok so I decided to keep it. 
Have you ever been on a bus (or 3) with about 300 teenagers?  These kids were very well behaved but it could have been because it was still dark thirty outside and they were not awake yet.  Smile 
If Kaela looks like she could crawl under a table and go to sleep it is because she really could.  I gave her some meds for motion sickness and all she wanted to do was get some sleep poor thing.
The Campus Tour took us to the dorm rooms.  This is where Kaela saw for the first time how small those rooms can be – that you have a share a room and (gasp) you have to SHARE a bathroom! 
As part of the tour the choir sang for member's of the college choir.  Kaela was able to sing but was a little puny about it.  (Mom feels horrible right about now).
For dinner we stopped at this fantastic place called Lamberts!  If you ever get a chance to go---- run there as fast as you can! 
As we were driving around town we saw the damage that the recent tornado left on Branson. 
After dinner we were able to go and play with the go-carts.  We were running so late that the company only had us in the park.  They waited for us to get there and still honored our tickets for the full amount of the time we paid for.  They understood that one of our buses broke down and then we had the feed the little monsters.  While everyone was having a good time…. including Barbara who was kicking some teenage booty on the track the owners told us this was the best group of kids they have hosted.  They were amazed at their manners.   I was very proud of all of the kids for they way they were representing Allen High School.
For the go-cart pages I did something that I rarely do. I used my stamps on my layouts!  I always forget that I can use my stamps for more than just cards.  Smile  For these pages I even made my own background papers.
The stamp I used was:

Fast And Furious

Item Number: D1541

Set of 10
Recommended My Acrylix™ Blocks:
2" × 2" (Y1003), 2" × 3½" (Y1009), 2" × 6½" (Y1010)
I bought this stamp because I really wanted the “bug” image so I can scrap the photos I have for Kaela’s first car.  But look I found another use for it and I do not even have boys.
Yay Jenny…..

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