Friday, November 1, 2013

Join The Party… Even Easier!

I have exciting news!  CTMH has made it even easier to join an active online party.  Now when there is one online gathering on my website CTMH will link your online order with the active online party automatically. 

In the past the customer has had to remember to add themselves to the party or the hostess would miss out on that sale. 


If I have multiple open and active parties listed on the website – that will be the only time you as the customer will need to choose which party you want to join.

What does this mean for you and why is it so exciting? 

Customer:  You no longer have to manually choose a party as long as I only have one active online party at that time.  If there is are multiple online parties pick the one you want to join. 

HOSTESS: This means more sales for you!  For every online party I have had there has always been at least one order that the customer forgot to add themselves to the party and I have no way of adding a customer once the order has been placed.  This is lost sales for you.  Now you have a chance for even larger Hostess Rewards totals!

For November I have made myself the hostess so that I can be the test dummy before it effects your online parties.   I hate having problems with customer orders and would rather learn a new system with my orders than have a disappointed customer. 

Do not forget to place your orders out of the new Holidays From the Heart Christmas mini catalog.  It is only active for Winter 2013. 


So far my favorite is the Washi Tape! 

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