Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time In A Laundry Mat

After a couple of whirl wind days it is time to stop and do laundry.

Even on vacation I can not seem to get away from it! Smile  So while we wait on the washer and dryer I will fill you in.

Let’s backtrack a bit now that I am not just drop dead tired…. my feet and legs are crying but my brain is awake.

We drove for 8 hours each day stopping around dinner time and that left plenty of time to stop and smell the roses or in our case do something we have wanted to do but never had time when traveling.

New Orleans cemeteries….


Kaela really wanted to go at night but we said a big fat NO to that one!  


I really wanted to walk around too but my feet were so swollen that I could not get my shoes back on so Mike and Kaela went walking without Grandma or me.  (boo).  But I love the photos that Mike brought back to me.  Kaela still wants to do nighttime guided tour but she will have to go back with Grandma Barbara for that.

We made it to our final destination and were pleasantly surprised to find that our room was ready at 10:00 am.  That has never happened before (happy us)!  Time to move in for the week.




We did find the elevator but only after my family made me climb 3 flights of stairs.  You better believe I found the elevator!


As always with convention I am very happy with our room.  It is located pretty close to the convention center and while we have found the pool –

I am not sure we will find it again Smile


Once we were settled what was the one thing the child asked for? 



After a run to the grocery store for fried chicken and sweet tea they put a bath towel on the bed…. turned the old Disney cartoons on the TV and had them a big time.  I sat at the table and enjoyed my Cuban sandwich.

These are good times!

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