Friday, June 28, 2013

Convention- Day 1

Holy My Goodness!!!

Close To My Heart does it right again.  I am blogging quickly during lunch and Mike is not here to help get my photo and info organized (lots of geeky stuff) but I wanted to get some into out there.

There are NO color changes this year (YEA)

Hostess only stamp sets!!!!!!

A jewelry line that can be hand made with our products.

WOTG kits – now easier to see all product that is needed for project.

My Crush™ books

A new CRICUT cart!!!!!!

I am sure there is a ton I am forgetting right off the top of my head.  As soon as I can I will send a more detailed blog.

Right  now I need to finish eating and RUN…..

PS. and a special thanks to Mike and Kaela for stocking the fridge today with a salad so I could run back to the room to eat and blog without waiting in line.

I love you!


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