Friday, May 10, 2013

Rudolph Run

If you following me on Facebook then you know that I was rear ended on Monday morning coming home from work.  I am fine and the Mini Cooper I think only has minor damage.  I will be taking it for the insurance inspection today and hopefully over to the Mini dealership body shop after that for repairs. 

So far the process has been really smooth so I am praying that it continues to be a – can I say pleasant experience?  Well that comes close… the other guys insurance so far was been easy to work with so lets pray that keeps up.

That being said – my plans to scrap with week have gone by the wayside.  I only have 3 days off and those have been spent dealing with the car.  But I did take some time this morning to take pictures of the last layout I worked on last week.  I am still working on a good lighting solution so bear with me there.



They layout alone was pretty easy.  I used s template from Cherish and all was well – until I felt the need to add stitching!  That took a long time because I went a little overboard.  Smile   But on the up side…. I do not have to worry about the adhesive failing! 

This was one of those layouts that you pop a movie in and just enjoy the process.  I had so much fun just relaxing while working on the stitching.

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