Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trying Something New

It is a beautiful day today.  it is about 68 degrees and sunny so I thought that I would go outside and try and take some shots of the artwork I have been working on. 

There were a few pitfalls. 

1. Birds  (trying to keep their artwork off my artwork)

2. Wind (getting the layouts to stand up)

3. Too much sunlight

I let the dogs outside so the birds for the most part left us alone Smile  For the wind I tried to take the shots before the wind took over or hang on if I missed. And well the sunlight…. a little computer tweaking and that was fixed.


This is one of the layouts that kept blowing over so it is at an odd angle. 


This layout is what I get when I am scrapping and watching movies at the same time.


The wind wanted to take this layout apart.  It found one corner that was not glued down proper.  Me and Tombow have a date with this layout after I am done blogging.


Well I just realized that I forgot the other Glee Stickers on the first half of this layout.  Ok I need to fix that too. 


Here is the finished layout that I started this morning.  I love it!


This is the other half of the Wicked layout that I was worried about.  I think I am really happy about how it worked out. 

I may have to start taking more photos of my layouts outside when I can.  It makes my work look great. 

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