Friday, April 19, 2013

Lost Layouts

I was having trouble sleeping last night so I decided that it was time to download the photos from both cameras and see what I had.  Well I have layouts that I took photos of and forgot to post. Opps.

I am still working on Kaela’s 8th grade album and she is almost in the 11th grade so she says I am behind.  Who Me?

This is the Sugarland concert that we could not wait to go to.  You said you have seen these photos?  Yes you have but you saw them for the Perry Family album and this is Kaela’s album that I am working on.

See one day she will leave my house for her own house.  She will be taking ALL of HER albums with her along with all of those fun memories so I make an album that stays at my house too.  No I do not make the layouts at the same time – sometimes there are years between when I make each layout depending on my mood or what I am working on.  That is why I am so fanatical about my photo organization.

Anywhoo – off subject…..





Also while downloading the photos off my camera I found a photo that Kaela took of me.  I had no idea she even had my camera but it appears that I am placing an order in my jammies while having my morning coffee.

This is scary stuff!


You can not say I did not warn you!

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