Friday, December 14, 2012

Inspiration Troubles

So I have been surfing Pinterest the last couple of days and working on my boards.  You know cleaning out double pins and making sure that decorating ideas was not in the food board – that kind of stuff.  But while surfing I found a cute card that I thought would be super quick to scrap lift. 

Remember those words…..


by Shabby Mommy

Ok so my first mistake was thinking I would change the size.  Now if you know me you know that math is not my strong point Smile  Measurements are my bane of existence. 

My favorite card size is 5.5 x 4 because it will only take one stamp and those stamps are starting to get really expensive but I love sending cards.  So cutting down the card base size was not the problem.  It was cutting down the tabs. So I measured my card then divided that by the card size and came up with    1 1/4 for each tab.   Perfect because I could fit all of the paper strips on one Cricut mat.


So I cut out all of the tabs at 1 1/4 and stamped my sentiment on the Colonial White tabs.  I went to do a dry run layout on the cards and that is when I noticed that my tabs were WAY too small.  DARN IT!  Now what.


Back burner to think on that problem because this is also when I realized that I did not have the correct color ribbon.  No big deal – I have re-inkers so I will just dye the ribbon.  Here is what I did.


First I cut my ribbon to a little bit longer length than what I needed to give me room to make a bow.


Next was the re-inker, water and alcohol.  This is the part where you just kind of eyeball it.  I found that a little water and more alcohol than water then as much ink as you think you need to get the color you need.  Now CTMH does have a color ready ribbon that take dye really well but I do not have any.  So I am using what I have on hand. 


I put in one ribbon at a time and wore gloves to keep the ink off of my fingers. 


Set them out to dry while you finish your cards.

During this process of thinking about my card problem and finding something – anything to fill space since my tabs are too small my craft light died. 

So I had to stop and try and fix the light.  New light bulb?  Nope.  It is broken.

CRAP! to the rescue. 

After looking for about an hour on the internet I finally found the replacement lamp I needed.


I need a clamp because I only have one location that I can place my lamp.  I ordered the lamp and 2 replacement light bulbs Smile 

So I have to finish working without task lighting… this is harder than it would seem. 

I pulled out stamps thinking that I had to have one that would be perfect then it hit me…. Embossing folders! 

Here is the finished card that took all day – All Day to put together


The more that I look at it the more I like it.

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