Friday, December 7, 2012

Clementine Workshop on the Go

I should be sleeping!  I woke up this morning at 1 am so I really should be sleeping.  But no I have a workshop on the brain.


If you look on the back of the Clementine Workshop on the Go instructions you will find a bonus project.  The bonus project is a set of cards. 

Yea!  I am always needing cards. 

I started to work on this project during the last crop night.  I must have been tired because I was making it way harder than it was.

First off I like to make multiples of each card I make.

I put some in my card spinner to sell, I keep one for myself to send to friends and sometimes I send a group of cards to someone special when I think they might need a “pick me up”.

This workshop is for one card per pattern or so I thought.  I was getting kind of upset during crop because I like patterns that you cut once and get  multi cards but this pattern is one card at a time and that is way to complicated for me. 

But I guess this morning my brain said “self why not cut and make multiples of each card design on your own”  well duh! 

So here are the first two designs from the kit.

Design 3



Design 5

Each of the cutting instructions are listed in the Wishes Card Confidence book from CTMH (now retired) but they are pretty easy to figure out without the book just by looking at the photo.

I am currently working on Design 2 and the Cricut is making this card much faster Smile 

So with the windows open because it is 70 degree in DECEMBER in Texas and my iPod playing all of the Twilight movie scores I am going to go back to work.  I hope everyone is having a great day.

Happy Friday

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