Sunday, August 26, 2012

Product Review from Crop Night

Last night was crop and we a wonderful time.  My creative energy was not to  par so I made a couple of funky looking cards before settling on a design right from the idea book.

In the process of playing we were able to use some old and new products and review them as a group. 

Sanding Kit:

I have had a kit in my crop bag for years and for some reason never opened it!  I normally have a sanding block on my work desk and I guess I never needed to crack open the kit until last night!  What a nice little kit.  It has great sanding power with little effort and beautiful results. 

Stamp Scrubber:

This new scrubber is the size of a stamp pad but boy does it clean some stamps!  I was using StazOn ink with the StazOn cleaner on this little power house and almost all of the ink came off my stamp!  I have always had problems getting StazOn off my stamps.  I also love the size because it is small enough to fit into our crop bags without sticking up!

Alcohol Markers:

If you know me you will know that I am not a huge “marker person”.  When they announced the new Alcohol Markers at convention I was more excited for Kaela than me.  She wanted to start using Alcohol Markers in her art and I wanted an affordable way to start her collection. (win –win).  Last night I used them for the first time!  Holy Cow I think I am going to be a “MARKER PERSON”!  They have almost no streaks and are so easy to use.  I have not tried to blend but I think I will have Kaela show me how.  Amy came up with embossing the edges then using the markers to color so I think I will try that soon just to play.  But now I have even more on my wish list to buy.  Smile

Pun Fun Stamp:

This is the stamp set that I was using last night.  I do not have artwork yet (long story) but as soon as I do I will post the final card. I was using the lemon stamp.  Find Pun Fun in your catalog and you will see the card I am working on.  I had so much fun making one that I started making a set Smile 

I know it is a sickness…..

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