Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crop Night: August 25, 2012

August Crop Hostess

Carmen Rubio

Carmen and I both work in the same hospital so we have been trying wriggle her schedule so she can come play with us. She loves Crop Night but has to work most Saturday nights. 

Pray that the stars align and she will get the night off.  :-)

If you want to add your order to Carmen's party - just add your order to the "August Orders" on my website.  Go to the blog and click the shopping cart, it will take you to my CTMH online shopping website and the "August orders" are toward the bottom of the screen.

Want to have an online party of your own?  Just call or email me and I can show you how!  It is a great way to earn free product without actually having a party in your home.   So even on your busiest months you can have a party and earn FREE scrapbooking supplies.  HOW FUN IS THAT?

If you go to the blog right now you will see the old catalog still there.  Mike (my husband and tech guy) will change it when he gets home.  Once that is changed you will be able to see an online version of the catalog. 

Crop Night is August 25th

6pm until someone falls out of their chair (really)


Come play! 

Call, Text or Email me for details.

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