Thursday, March 8, 2012

Drivers Ed

After debating all year about when to let Kaela take Drivers Ed, I went ahead and signed her up  for her classes to begin in August.  Her summer is jam packed with a trip to Alaska with her grandparents, getting her wisdom teeth out and now Drivers Ed.  She will finish just after her 16th birthday but we will not let her drive alone until next summer.  We want her to have tons of practice driving before handing her the keys.

Why am I telling you this?  Well she is required to take a notebook to class everyday…..(hee hee) I had to!


My personal order came in yesterday and this paper is from the Cruisin’ paper pack. (X7154B) The sticker is an old Me and My Big Ideas that I still had around and the keys are one of the stickers that I have been hoarding in her “high school” box of supplies that I have. It has any scrapbooking supplies in it that pertain to high school.  The composition notebook is one of the ones that I picked up during the school supplies dash every year. 

In case you are wondering…

she will be driving Dad’s VW Bug so the sticker was a must!

If you want to make your own book it takes 2 sheets paper to cover both sides.  Some cardstock for the spine and then you just decorate the front as you like.  I use the heavy “red line” adhesive to hold the paper to the cover because it will get a lot of use and I try to tie ribbon somewhere on the cover to help hold the papers on. Use the notebook for measurements.   It might take 30 minutes to make the whole notebook.

So Fast, Easy and Fun!

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