Thursday, November 10, 2011

Starting the 2009 Mega Album

My room has been clean long enough now it is time to start working on my next project.  This one will be the Family 2009 album.  Smile   My family likes to call my albums “mega albums” because they get so big but I just can not make a small album.  I have tried! 

Here is the start of my process:

I have all of my photos and journaling in the black totes and inside each tote is an envelopes for each month with inside the large envelope is a smaller envelope  with pictures and journaling done for each  subject I want to scrap. 

It normally only takes a couple of nights to get organized. I print off a years worth of photos in January for the family stuff and at the end of the school year for Kaela’s school albums then get them organized and in their totes before I forget the information.  Once this pretty quick process is done then it does not matter how long it takes me to scrap them, the memories are documented and the photos are sorted…. just sitting there waiting on me.

Here are the totes:



And here is a picture of what is inside the small envelopes


Here is the full set up:


So with coffee in hand and an Ipod full of music it is time to get started. Today is November 10, 2011 let’s see how it takes me to finish the Family 2009 album.

  Wish Me Luck!

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