Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Scrap Room 2011

Well I just finished cleaning the scrap room after finishing the mega album so I thought while it was clean I would take some updated photos.  I have made a couple of changes since the last time I posted pictures.  It is about 5:30 am so the lighting might be a little off.

This first picture is looking in from me standing in the closet.  I moved my paper out of the window area because I really missed the natural light and being able to open my windows if the weather is nice. 


This next photos is with me standing in the door way. BTW can you tell I wore out the Radar the Pug tonight? 


The cubbies with the black bins are from Target and I love them.  I am going to have to find more ALBUM store very soon.   This next photo is my desk with me standing beside the cardstock racks.


When we designed my room in 2004 I wanted a desk large enough that Mike and I could work side by side.  Mike also built the work table slightly shorter than an normal table because my legs are short and if I moved the height of my chair then my feet would dangle.  Problem solved.


The paper racks next to the closet doors hold my “older”  Level 2 paper packs.  I have the newer papers with in reach.  When a new catalog comes out if there is any paper left then I move it over to the paper racks.  Works great.


This is my side of my workstation.  Smile I have everything within easy reach while working.  I love it!


These buckets are were I keep all of my scrap cardstock.  As you can see they fit nicely under my table but right beside me when working.  These 2 buckets save me a ton of money in cardstock because I check here first before cutting a full 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.   This idea is also why I love my CTMH sisters because this idea came from them!


This might seem like an odd ball photo, but since moving my heat gun to this location I use it more often.  In fact so much more that I have warped my cutting mat  Smile  I still crawl under the table to plug it in but that is only because I am scared to leave it plugged in. 


And what would a scrap room update be like without and updated photo of my little buddy Radar.  The poor old man still follows me all over the house and sits with me in the scrap room no matter how long I am in there. Only now he snores while I play.

So this is my room as of today November 5th, 2011

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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