Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play Time - May

Last Saturday was Crop Night at my house and while it seemed we wanted to talk and eat more than scrapbook I did manage to get a few layouts done.  Tiffani always gets about 20 layouts done so compared to her I was a slug Smile

If you look closely you will see Mike about to sit on a cactus while he tried to get some shots for me.  I was scared I would fall in the cactus so he went in for me and took some wonderful photos.   The next photos show the damage a strong storm did to out little camper. Sad smile     If we were tied of the horse flies having us for lunch then we hung out in the camper for a while.

Now you might ask why it took me all night to do just 4 layouts?  Well besides the conversation, laughter and food I was in a spelling error mood is seems. I could not get “Stormy Days” spelled right and I thought Amy was going to fall out of her chair laughing… mainly because I made sure that I had it spelled right BEOFRE I started to sew!

See you can even make memories during Crop Night!





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