Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pondering An Idea

You guys know that I have been listening as a podcast for the past 20 weeks or so. While this podcast is not CTMH related it does get me to thinking about different ideas and helps me to stay inspired.

Around episode 3 (I think) Ali Edwards  was a guest, she now has a regular seat on the show, but anyway she was talking about the idea of doing a “Week in the Life” album.

Ali Edwards

This idea has been kicking round in my head for a while.  I have a very strange schedule I have been wondering how to make it work for me and I also have NO EXPERIENCE with digital scrapbooking other than Studio J.  So I think want I am going to do is just jump in and start taking the photos regardless of my schedule and instead of digi scrappin I think I am going to use the 12x12 Six Pocket page protectors (CTMH page 89 item 4113).  I am going to leave space for journaling and a few pieces of memorabilia but other than that I think I am going to pop in the photos and see how it looks.  This will be VERY different for me, because you know how I love the feel of paper in my hands!  So I have added the page protectors to my July order list and I will be researching until then. I will post photos as I do this project so stay tuned.

To see Ali’s completed album to go

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