Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deep In Thought

While I sit here playing with my paper and glue I sometimes listen to a podcast called “The Scrapbooking Roundtable”  while this podcast is not affiliated and CTMH I enjoy hearing the ends and out’s of the business side of scrapbooking. Each episode they throw out one question that each panelist is going to speak about for that session.  Here is the questions that got me to pondering…….

Why People Do Not Scrapbook?

Is it because we are behind in our scrapbooks or is it the time factor?  Much pondering to do…  Or are you afraid you are scrapbooking just for guilt.  Yes I said guilt!  Did you do your first Childs scrapbooks but not child 2 or 3, now you feel so overwhelmed that you are not sure you even want to scrap anymore?  Here are my thoughts on the matter. Bear in mind I am a blonde you my thoughts may not match yours but they made sense to me.

1. Being behind:  There is no such thing as being behind in scrapbooking!  You are gathering memories right?  You still take the photos, and gather those tickets stubs or your Childs artwork.  So just make sure that the are organized  in the fashion you choose to organize your scrap memorabilia and you should be fine.  We will all get a chance to retire at some point and when that day comes, I will personally have plenty of photos and memorabilia at my fingertips to scrap. And if by chance I do not have anything of my own to scrapbook, my mother in law will just move her THOUSANDS of photos to my house for me to play with.  I am kind of looking forward to seeing those.

2. No Time To Scrap:  Totally understandable, really it is, this is where your super mommy organization skills will come in handy so that you will not feel SO behind all of the time.  I was lurking around some sister consultant sites and one of my CTMH Sisters has a dresser that she stores children's photos and memorabilia in.  I think she had 3 kiddo’s and each child had 2 drawers.  One drawer was just photos organized by year and the second drawer was the stuff that child wanted included in his / her scrapbooks also by year.  When she was ready to work on a project she pulled out a photo envelope and a memorabilia envelope and got to work.  She said that she kept her photos and memorabilia separate because she can fit more photos envelopes in a drawer with out damaging any of the larger memorial.  I wish a had a photo to show you.

I take it a step further and as I am getting my projects ready for pre-scrapbook  storage I will go ahead and get my journaling  done  and printed on vellum so I do not forget the details of the event.

3.  Are you guilt scrapping:  I am going to refer back to number 1 with this question.  But if you feel each child MUST have a scrapbook right now, make a 6x6 for each year for them to love and share with their friends but keep in the back of your mind that you will expand on the 6x6 with a larger album just for them at a later date.  I made a scrapbook for each year my daughter is in school, I know I only have one child, but you can have one scrapbook for each child that you just add layouts too as the years go by,  Kaela already knows she will need a moving van just to unload all  of the scrapbooks I have made her already.  Grades K-6 plus Girl Scouts and I am not done :-)  I have also started a “birthday party” album but I am way behind on that one, ie I keep forgetting to work on that one! :-)

So in the spirit of catching up from being “behind” let me show you the last layouts of the Summer 2008 summer vacation we took to Florida.  Did you see that this vacation was 2 years ago? Now you do not feel so bad do you :-)



This layout is a mixture of several papers but the main base is from “Felicity”



Both of theses layouts feature “Felicity” papers


Some CTMH papers but mostly some Mickey papers I found in Orlando


A “Vintage Mickey”paper and the stripes are from “felicity”



CTMH cardstocks to create these next layouts





I was really getting into using the Summer Celebration cardstock for the outdoor photos.  They just fit these layouts!



Here is my Sarsaparilla papers again.  I love this paper pack and I will be very sad when I run out.

DSC_0017 This is an older paper pack called “Majestic Blue”  I am almost out of this paper but the boat seemed fitting with these papers.


The following layouts are all using the Day Dream paper pack.  I was able to make all these layouts with one Level 1 paper pack. And I still have some leftover for card making,  I am just making those scraps work for me.






That is it, I am all done with the Summer 08 family vacation album.  YEA! 

Now on to the next one…..

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