Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting ready for more Scrappin

Well I have over 300 photos to get processed before I can begin the art of scrapbooking again.  Last night I made piles and sorted by theme (birthday, Christmas ect) All of these photos are for 2009 so I am not having to worry about mixing years together.   Here is my system for keeping my photos organized before scrapping them.


DSC_0001Photos and Journaling go into envelopes, these get filed by month  



Here is a peek inside the accordion file that I use for each year or theme album.  I normally scrap by year but vacations get their own albums.



Any larger memorabilia gets placed with the photo envelopes.  I will make a note on the envelope not to forget I have larger items to scrap also.


While I was getting ready to send photos over to Snapfish for printing I made a point of printing doubles for the photos that are going to be in the FAMILY 2009 album  and KAELA 7th GRADE album.  I will also make sure to print the journaling  for 2 times for these photos also.  There is really no point to trying to journal the same set of photos 2 different ways if they are going in 2 separate albums.

Here is a sample of how I get the journaling pre-done before scrappin my photos.  I get all of the pre-work done so that I am not so rushed to get all of my photos in to albums.  I do not have to worry about forgetting details because I have already written them down.  I feel I can take my time on the creative side once I get the story finished and my photos are properly stored.





I print the “story” for each group of photos on one sheet of vellum and cut it into squares (4 per page).  This is a good standard size for my pages.  And I love that the vellum will match any layout I decide to do in the future.

Well back to processing for me.  I want to play later on today.

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