Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March - Cut It Out

Are there Thin Cuts on your wish list?  

There are 7 on mine!

Save 25% on all Thin Cuts! 

Yes you read that correctly....

Thin Cuts give you a fast and easy way to cut all kinds of shapes for your crafting, and this month they are all available at 25%-off! 

Choose from titles, sentiments, and a wide variety of shapes to stamp on, so you can get precise, dimensional shapes in no time!

To Order:
Click Online Shopping on this website then...
visit the “Promotions” tab or the Monthly Specials shopping menu of the CTMH website.

*Offer available March 1–March 31, 2017 while supplies last.

Here is the list:

Thin Cuts—Hearts Z3260 $11.21

 Thin Cuts—Stars Z3261 $11.21

Thin Cuts—Happy Z3258 $10.46

 Thin Cuts—Love Z3257 $8.21

 Thin Cuts—Hello & Thanks Z3259 $8.96 

Thin Cuts—Celebrate Z3256 $10.46

 Thin Cuts—XOXO (Z3305 $8.21

 Thin Cuts—Happy Birthday Z3304 $7.46

Thin Cuts—Basic Hearts Z3317 $9.71

 Thin Cuts—Basic Circles Z3318  $9.71

 Hello Lovely Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle Z3301 $21.71

(Stamp and Thin Cuts)

Sugar Rush Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle Z3300 $17.96

(Stamp and Thin Cuts)

 Dreamin’ Big Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle Z3303 $17.96

(Stamp and Thin Cuts)

 Some Kinda Wonderful Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle Z3302 $17.96

(Stamp and Thin Cuts)

Plus these:

Swirly Seashells Stamp + Thin Cuts CC1219 $23.96
Thin Cuts—Swirly Seashells CC1155 $14.21
Sweet Birthday Stamp + Thin Cuts CC1220 $14.21
 Thin Cuts—Sweet Birthday CC1156 $7.46 
Wreath Stamp + Thin Cuts CC1221 $12.71 
Thin Cuts—Wreath CC1157 $8.21
School Kids Stamp + Thin Cuts CC1222 $24.71
Thin Cuts—School Kids CC1158 $11.96


I just placed my personal monthly order and let me tell you how much I saved on my Thin Cuts order.

I ordered:
Basic Hearts
Happy Birthday

The full price for all of these Thin Cuts:  $88.65
I paid with the sale: $66.47
That is a savings of: $22.18

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