Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thin Cuts Binder

Last month when I was attending a local consultant meeting, one of my friends pulled up a You Tube video of someone making a "Thin Cuts Binder".  I am going to be honest and for a split second I thought "why?" - then I watched the video and decided I NEEDED to make one for myself.

So you answer your "Why" question....  

CTMH is selling the thin cuts in a couple of different formats.  One format is with a matching stamp set. The other format is a stand alone thin cut. 

 It was the stand alone sets that were causing me trouble or so I thought....

My binder just came in and I thought "Yay!!! Now I can get organized". 
 Little did I know just how dis-organized I really was when it came to these thin cuts.  I had some in with the stamps and some in a bucket and some yet in the coordinating paper pack.  

Now that I have the binder I have all of the thin cuts in the binder with a note on the back on what stamp set goes with it and where that stamp is in my filing system.   

Well all but one... I can not find my Anchor Thin Cuts to save my life.


Everyday Life Album - Stripes  Z9979
4x6 page protectors Z3192

Such a simple solution for a problem I did not realize I had. 

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