Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jeepers Creepers

Let's try this again....  

I typed the title then hit "publish" - that is not going to help you see anything.

Take 2

Over on Facebook I posted that I was listening to a good book and working on the Jeepers Creepers layouts from the Workshops Your Way.   This was going to be last months scheduled workshop before I started working again.  

I have since worked out a deal with my boss to have one Saturday off a month so that I can have Crops & Workshops - they now just have to be on the same day.

Workshops will be from 3pm -5pm 
Crop will be from 6pm - 12am (although we have stayed longer)

So if you would like to join me for a workshop be sure to bring personal projects to work on and stay over for Crop.  This could be a win / win for all of us.

Back to the layouts:
These are CTMH stock images but my layouts are exactly the same (minus the same photos) and will be on display during Crop time this Saturday. 

I am debating if I want to send these layouts to my sister and her little girl that is the perfect age to fit the theme of the layouts or be selfish and keep these for myself.  They are just so darn cute.

Decisions, Decisions .....

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