Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get Ready For Some Workshops!

Workshops are BACK!!!!

But why did they go away? 

 Long story short... the college expenses for Kaela have been higher than we as a family expected so I took a part time job.  If you have been with me since my hospital days then you know that I take both my "day job" and CTMH seriously and hate to schedule then have to cancel due to work obligations.

I asked Kaela's' previous employers if they needed a daytime hostess with no experience and they said yes!  So you are now looking at the newest hostess at La Finca - Allen location.   They are open on Saturdays and since I was not sure when I would be working I did not want you to buy the supplies for the workshops then have me have to cancel a week before to work.  That is not fair to you.  

I finally worked up the courage to  explain to the owners about CTMH and my workshops and crops then asked if it would be possible to NOT work one Saturday a month so that I could have time for both a workshop and a crop once  a month.  Oscar not only understood but is on board!  

So Workshops will now be on the same Saturday as Crop nights. 

October 8, 2016

3 pm to 5 pm
Swan Lake Workshop
Order Your Kit Here

I have the workshops listed on my Meet Up page too along with the workshops and crops for the rest of the year.  

Please feel free to hop on over there to RSVP.  

I can not wait to see you in October. 

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