Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mother's Photos

As you know my mother has moved in with us full time and with that comes her personal belongings.  We have done very well with merging her stuff with our stuff but the one item that was giving me a headache was all of the photos she had on her walls.  

The first step was to get them off the wall... my step father was determined that they were not going to fall off the wall for any reason - he attached them to the walls with screws! 
After we were finally able to get them all down, I then had to get them all out of the frames.  The frames were just toast and I was not able to salvage any of them.  It was during this process that I decided the best way to preserve these photos but keep them out for viewing is to put them into an album that my mother can get down any time she would like to be able to look at her memories.  

I then had it in my head that I needed to put them in some sort of order by "family" or "event" but this quickly began to overwhelm me to the point of just wanting to stop even before I began.  After thinking on it for a bit while finishing off a bag of pretzels I decided to just pick a photo - any photo and just get started.  I can always put them in order after all of the layouts are done. 

I took this photo with my phone with no editing so please forgive the poor lighting. 

 This is my Aunt Teen and I have always loved this photo of her.  She died when I was 12 but I have the best memories of her laughing with all of the kids in my family gathered around her.  

I love her smile, just love it.  

I had to follow up with family via FB to find out her real name because I only know her as "Teen" so I will had her name and a date if I can find one.   I wanted to keep this photo on the vintage side so I found that I still had paper from the "BLISS" paper pack from many years ago but I am so glad I found it because it is perfect for this layout.  

I have a feeling that this album is going to take me a while because I will have to talk to different family members for names, dates and places.  
Also a side effect of scrapbooking is going down memory lane.

 There is no time limit on getting this project done so I think I will just enjoy the process.

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