Sunday, June 26, 2016

CTMH Convention 2016

I am sitting here in the hotel in Orlando still on a convention buzz.  I did not blog from convention for a couple of reasons.  Mainly I just did not have time - it was hectic this year!  Also the internet was wonky in some places and the main reason and yes I know it is lame but I was in building 5 this year and from the main lobby / convention area to building 5 is a 1 mile hike!  By the time I was finish for the day and walked back to the room I was a sweaty, tired mess.

If you follow me on Facebook  (Follow Me Here) then you noticed that I was posting during the sessions as much as I can.  Most of what I was learning I have to keep under wraps until the next catalog but I can show photos of the fun!!!!

Kaela came with me on this trip and we were super excited for our first mother / daughter weekend.

She had to take mid-term exams and do some homework while we were here but it was ok because she had plenty of time while I was in class myself.

Just a few of the Texas ladies.

After a long day in the park with Kaela it was time for our yearly team meeting.  I loved seeing friends that I keep up with on FB but only visit with in person at convention. 

Day one and I know it does not look like we are having fun but we are hiding it really well.  The room was buzzing with excitement but we were being calm here so we could pay attention to the General Session.  

During the first General Session they were having a new product give away and guess who had her name called!!!!  ME!!!  I can not show it to you but I can tell you it is a full paper pack and a pack of coordinating embellishments.  Talk about a happy girl!

We always receive our Exclusive Convention Consultant bags right after the first General Session and this year CTMH gave us a rolling backpack that hold 12 x 12 products.  It is very thought out and well made and I was able to get ALL of my convention supplies and swag in the bag at the same time.  That is a first for me. At the end of the day I would take out the completed artwork so it would not get banged up and make sure I was ready to go for the next day.

During the second day we sat back for some business classes and creative sessions.  Look at that room of ladies just waiting to get started.

This is a small sneak peek at some of the artwork we were creating.  We were learning the "smoosh method" of watercolors and I loved it so much I am thinking about a small make a take session during a crop soon.  

After day 2 Kaela and I were able to catch up with the Vietti's.  They are dear friends from Texas that moved to Florida several years ago.  

The general session for day 3 was one emotional day.   Not only did we get to see our CEO and hear from her (LOVE HER) but it was also the day for the Operation Smile Auction.  Consultants from all over the world make the most beautiful artwork and donate it to the auction.  The money raised then goes to our official charity - Operation Smile.

This is my "grandmother" upline just as the album she created and donated -hit a winning bid $1,500.00 and all of that money raised goes to Operation Smile.   That is 6 surgeries for children that need life saving medical care.  The last total raised that I read from this auction was $27,000 = 108 children that will be able to have the surgery.  More info about Operation Smile

Have you ever noticed that when you place your order on my website you can round up your total for Operation Smile.  Those pennies add up to surgeries.  

I learned so much this year and I can not wait to come home and share it with you.

I have to hurry up and post this because bell services will be here soon to pick up our luggage.  Today is a travel day and as much as I was excited to come to convention I am just as happy to be going home to my family.

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  1. Oh my god! Such a huge center and attractive flooring designs. I also went for a musical concert at one of the lavish convention center last week. Stage was full of lustrous lights and sitting arrangements were exquisite. Refreshments were served in shiny crockery. Tickets were bought online and that too at budgeted rates.