Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Scrapping

I spent the day being waited on by my family and part of that was being able to stay in my scraproom for as long as I wanted and THEY brought me what I needed from downstairs.  

Coffee, yep.  Homemade cookies, Kaela did it, and while Kaela made a fresh batch of sweet tea - she tuckered out before bringing it up too me and took a nap.  
We did venture out for lunch then I took a 3 hour nap! 

 It was wonderful! 

There is no need to explain who gave what card in this family - the card says it all!  If you remember I purchased a typewriter about a month ago - and told Mike that it was his gift to me for Mother's day - (works out better that way). 

I normally do not use CTMH stock photos to show you what I have been working on but since it is almost 3am and I was working on workshop layouts I will use the stock photos so that I do not wake up the family by lighting up the entire upstairs trying to get good photos of the layouts.


I finally was able to finish my personal pages for the Urban workshop that we worked on last month during class.  Tonight I had trouble with my stapler and it tore the paper just a bit.  Be careful and take it slow and you should be ok.  
Also on my personal pages I changed out the twine for stitching because Kaela said it did not look like a page I would do without the stitching. 


While I am not teaching this paper pack that is from the SE 2 catalog I really, really wanted to play with it.  But not everyone is into flamingo's and super summer papers. 

 I LOVE this paper!!!  

While I do not have many "beach" photos I think I can crop some of my camping / lake photos to make it look right. 

This entire workshop with cutting the papers took me a little over an hour to complete.  If you are bummed that we will not be using these papers in a class - order the kit and make it on your own. 

Calypso Workshop Your Way Kit

 You will be glad you did. 

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