Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stamp Sets - Removing The Snaps

I am working on a little project that I have wanted to do for a while. 

I am removing the snaps from the back of my stamp sets.

I knew I needed to do something to get more space for stamp storage but was not sure what.  Then I saw a video on how to remove the snaps. 
One problem... it involved using soldering iron to melt the snaps off then cutting the top flap to fit into a slit in the main part of the storage envelope.

Self I said... you and a soldering iron should not play together - nope that is not going to happen.  Then as an after some thought I also remembered that last time I tried to trim the stamp envelopes it was a hack job - not pretty at all.

But I continued to think on it and even played around during one of the crop nights.

I had a thought to just slip a craft knife under the snap and cut it off and that worked some but I was scared of slipping and cutting a finger off and in my brain I still could not work out a way to keep the flap closed once the snap was off.

Then a sister consultant came up with this idea.

Take wire cutters and snip the snap off.  Full size cutters work better, I am showing you with little ones because I needed one hand for the camera.

Be careful because the little snap will go flying.  It will keep the cat entertained for sure - trying to find where the white pieces fly then fall.

Then fold the top flap over and mark the ends of the flap. 
 See the black dots?

Small craft scissors fit in the old snap hole nicely.
  Make a straight cut from black mark to black mark.  

Fold the flap into the slit you just cut.  
Bingo it is perfect.

I love this idea and it is "Jenny friendly".  

I told Mike that I will be needing a set of wire cutters for myself so that I can keep this up on my new stamp sets.  I was goofing off and telling him that I needed a pink pair and he said he would find them for me at Lowes.

I better get back to work because I have 14 drawers of stamps that I need to de-snap.  Thank goodness I have a good book playing on the iPod.

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