Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Well That Is Done

After much hair pulling, teeth nashing and vast amounts of coffee.....

Mike hates doing taxes and most years will wait until April 13th to even start working on them.  This year we had to get our ducks in a row early because of the extra college paperwork for Kaela and the deadlines for those. 

That was a brain workout to be sure.  

I cleaned up my desk area in my scraproom so that we could get our tax information organized

W2 / 1099's
Home / RV interest 
Misc Tax forms (stock stuff)
Kaela College expenses
CTMH tax info
Travel receipts

While I was getting organized I had to laugh at Kaela because she was watching me gather the CTMH information and asked if I had to keep this information every year?  Yes there were tears from laughter on that one.  Welcome to being an adult my wee one. 

  "Doing" our actual taxes was not the hard part - and we only had a tiny bit of information that we had to stop and look for but it was the Federal paperwork (FAFSA) that we have to fill out for Kaela that is the butt kicker.

Could this website be any more complicated?  

It has to be filled out every year to qualify for scholarships, grants or loans.   It takes a college education to even understand some of the questions... no joke! 

But now that all of this is done - I can have my scraproom back.  

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