Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crop Room 2013

Many of you know that  a couple of years ago I re-claimed the game room of my house from the teenager and turned it into the “Crop Room”.  Before this when we wanted to crop we were crammed into the living room or dining room  of my house like this:



I think I have the Crop Room almost the way I want it.  It needs one more coat of red paint and I need some valences on the windows but here it is today.


I can still seat 6 people around the tables with me sitting in the middle.  That little splash of yellow on the red wall is the Cricut machine. Then there is the corner that I use as my “light box”. It works out really well there.


On this wall I have all of the CTMH “how to” books along with hand made cards that I sell.  I am so happy we have a little more room to play.

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