Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye & Giving Thanks

Last week my family said goodbye to an awesome man. 

Dempsey Wilson….

My Uncle.


This is my Aunt Jackie and my Uncle Dempsey and they were major players in my life although most of the time they did not even know. 

My very first memories are with this family when we all lived on the same land and my first playmate that I remember is their youngest daughter Paige.


We played, imagined, swam, and sometimes found trouble together.  All of our Christmas toys were coordinated we played so well together. So when I received the call last week that Uncle Demp was gone and now sitting with Jesus I felt the need to give thanks in the best way I know how.

Uncle Demp and Aunt Jackie are well loved members of the town they live in and people show love in the south with FOOD.  I can not cook a meal and ship it to Florida  so I thought she might like a set of thank you cards that were made from the heart to give from the heart for the love she felt over and over last week.


I wanted something elegant for my Aunt Jackie since I always think of her as being elegant even when she says she is not. 

It is never too late to tell family you love them.

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