Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Catching up

We made it home from Branson Sunday night and I think I was awake about 2 hours before I hit the bed.  I was beyond tired!  I went back to work Monday and Tuesday and by going back to work I learned a valuable lesson… next time I chaperone a trip with Kaela again I am just going to take the next week off from work.  We had a wonderful time but we had activities from 8:00 am to Midnight each night for 4 days. 


This is 6 in the morning all loaded up and ready to hit the road!



First stop – South Eastern Oklahoma University.  We were treated to breakfast, a campus tour and then it was time to perform.


This was about 9 in the morning and they do not look like they are ready to sing but once we woke everyone up …. they sang Smile 


So we make it into Branson, a little later than expected still doable.  All 3 buses of kids are starving and before we can get to dinner one of the buses has a breakdown.  It did not take long to get it fixed and we were back on the road.


One of the best dinners I have ever had!  LAMBERTS! Yes we took pictures of our plates because the food was not there long Smile 


Once everyone was fed it was time to go play with the Go-Carts.  I have no idea where we were but they waited for us…. we were 2 hours late getting there and had a complete blast!  You can not tell the kids had been awake since 4 am! 



Is now a good time to tell you that Kaela does not have a drivers license?



Here comes Barbara around the bend!  Grandma was kicking butt.


The next day we were off to Branson Landing for a little shopping. After shopping it was back to the hotel for some pool time before time to get dressed for the Dixie Stampede. 



Grandma Barbara got them all jacked up on sugar Smile Yes my little friends that is a lot of fudge.  Between bites of fudge they would start singing to the radio that was playing.  I just sat back and made a memory.


After swimming it was time to get dressed for the Dixie Stampede.  We were not allowed to take pictures in the building, but we had fun outside the building.




After the dinner show we had some time to go back to the hotel for more swimming before lights out.  Barbara had time to take photos our room.


I had no idea she took this photo, but if this me on the first day then I am in trouble.  We still have Silvery Dollar City to go! The pool did me in.


They are awake and ready to go.  It is Silver Dollar City time.


I have the best mother in law in the world!  She was brave enough to go on this trip with me and we had a blast.


It was a cold and wet day we enjoyed having a hot lunch to warm us up. 


An old friend and a new friend


A little chat time before the bus started moving.


Time for dinner again.  It was hard getting good pictures inside but it was great food and a great show.

As with all things our trip had to come to an end. Sunday morning bright and early we were back on the bus Allen Bound.


This is how Kaela entertained herself most of the trip but:


When you have a friend in need you lend a back. Smile

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