Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Curves & Grey’s

It seems with the COLD weather that has draped over Texas that all I feel like doing this week is getting my butt out to Curves then coming home and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

  (I still have 2 seasons to go before I am caught up)

Maybe all of the creative rush projects that I did before this month have my brain tired but I think I am going to take a creative break for the rest of the week and just watch my shows. 

I start a new work week on Sunday so it will be back to the grind at the hospital for me and for some reason the when I am at the hospital I always think up scrapping ideas, I think I will blame Dr. Olfson for that one!  Smile

See you next week and hopefully I will have some finished layouts I can show.   Have a happy and safe week.

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