Thursday, August 11, 2011

Re-Thinking Color

After going to the CTMH Convention last month I learned the new color organization that CTMH will be using.  They still have the color families that we are used to but they are also starting “Color Shades”. 

I was wondering if they were going to be moving to this type of thinking because our packaging for embellishments have changed but I was dragging my feet.  I had my organization just the way I wanted it and I was not going to change!

  What is that saying … Make plans and watch God laugh…

He must have had some good belly laughs then watching me since coming home from convention.

Yes, I changed my color organization… want to see?


This is my card stock now that I have stopped using color families and moved to shades.  I tired to keep it lightest to darkest but some of my racks are wonky and so sometimes I had to put the paper where it would fit vs where it is in the color wheel.


This is my button storage.  I found it at Home Depot in where the screws are bolts are and it works perfect for storing all of my buttons.

  Can you tell that I LOVE my buttons?


A place for all of my embellishments.  My original case was the accessories case from CTMH but mine was starting to fall part after 6 years of use and they have been discontinued so I guess it was good timing to change the storage container.  Embellishments was the hardest one for me to change but now that I have I love it!  Below is a picture of the inside of the drawers.


The one item that I am not changing is my re-inkers.  I think it would cause my brain to explode to change these. 


So what have I learned… sometimes change is good. (maybe)


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