Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prep Time

This is just a small sneak peak into my prep time for the workshop last Friday.  It is not often that I stop working just to take photos of the work in progress.   Sometimes it seems that when you look at “other peoples” work or rooms online it all seems bright and shiny.

Here is the messy and not so shiny part of of getting a class together and the thought process. 


I have all of my workshop supplies in these drawers to keep them separate from my regular stash until AFTER the class.  I do not want to use up my supplies until we have a chance to play together.

DSC_0002  Doing all of the pre-cutting and pre-stamping before the class.  I have to “do” 2 sets.  One for examples and one to do doing the workshop with you. Even with doing double the work I still have plenty of paper after class to do my layouts.  I love that the new Work Shop on the Go gives me a chance to show you layouts and cards with plenty of supply leftover to play with. 

Here is all of the information you need if you would like to attend:

* All of the workshops are held in my home from 7pm to 9pm

(1504 High Country Lane Allen, Tx 75002)

* The “class time” is free.

* The workshop dates are on the right sidebar of this blog.

* To pre-order your supplies for class just click the workshop artwork on the right sidebar.  There is a link that will lead you directly to the workshop page on my website.  The cost of the supplies are 29.95 plus tax, S & H.

* You decided what classes you would like to attend, just send me a quick email so that I can get a headcount.

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