Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easily distracted?

So much for being ahead of the game.  I was doing so well! Christmas shopping is done, gifts are wrapped and I was finishing up on the gift card holders then…. a book came in that I have waited months for.

The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker


If you are wondering where to find our own copy Amazon has them and to make spending your money even easier:

 "Click here to buy your copy" 

But BEWARE!  This could happen to you:


I was able to put my room back together but only because I have a couple of project that I have to finish soon.  :-)  I took all of my photos out of the shoe boxes and into the Cropper Hopper case.  I need one more case and to get rid of any duplicate photos but that part of the project can wait until after Christmas.  The most important part I finished was getting all of my “current” projects that are ready to scrap better organized.  Next are the pre-digi photos then my attack closet.  I can not go in that closet without something falling on my head lately.   

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